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Some of the BIG fish caught using Innovate Baits Steamed carp baits

First fish for 2013 Chef season 42lb to Neil Jones
2013 Chef season 45lb fish to Neil Jones
One of the Chefs 40lb+ fish for 2013
Another Whacker from Chef 40lb+ as the commons get on the feed

Some of the quality fish from Chawston Lakes fishery

Cracking ghost carp (Demi) from Chawston Willow lake
One of the larger
Some cracking mirrors (The Apple) in Chawston
Another cracking Chawston Willow Lake fish the much sought after Tango

About Innovate Fisheries

Innovate has started to secure several lakes on long term leases. Operating under the Innovate Fisheries banner, Innovate aims to live up to its name and offer fishing to all standards of angler. From specimen lakes containing english 20s, 30s and in some cases 40s and 50s, to runs waters and coarse fishing, float only fisheries, there will be something for everyone at an affordable price!

Our team will be available to offer advice on tactics, bait and where to fish and as with Innovate Baits, will strive to put more fish on the bank for you. It goes without saying that our fish will be well fed, happy and healthy. Fish care as well as providing the angler with great fishing will be a priority on all our waters.

We currently have one fishery complexes available, one at home in the UK, Chawston lakes in Bedfordshire. This is subject to a future growth management policy and will be undergoing periodical stockings of specially selected fish. You can find full details at Chawston Lakes.

There will be a set of rules that apply to all our waters which will be designed to safeguard our fish and the environment. A lot of fisheries nowadays have neverending lists of what you can do and not do on their waters without knowing what the rules mean and why they have them.

If can offer any additional information about what we offer then please do contact the Innovate Fishery Team for assistance.

Innovate Fisheries will be 'innovative' and promote common sense!

The Innovate Fisheries Team

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